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Cheating Spouses

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Is My Spouse Cheating?

It’s a nagging question and gut feelings that no spouse wants to ask but once asked, it’s a question that needs a firm answer. Whenever a spouse is cheating, there are only two choices-ignore it and hope it goes away or find the proof. The private investigators at Martinelli Investigations Inc. are fully licensed and highly trained to help you discover the truth.

Everyone knows that any relationships are hard, but they’re impossible when a third person is involved. All the signs of cheating may be there, but without proof, it can be hard to know what to do. Our private investigators will help you collect all the evidence you need to make an informed decision. These situations are never easy, but not knowing makes a stressful time even more difficult.

Some of the questions we find answers for include:

  • Is my spouse cheating?
  • Does my spouse have a gambling or drug problem?
  • Is it a same sex affair?
  • Does my spouse have a secret life?
  • Where does my spouse spend all that time?
  • What is in the trash?
  • Does he or she have an extra job?

If you feel like it’s time to find out if staying in this relationship is a waste of time, call the professionals at Martinelli Investigations. We’ll conduct professional Atlanta spouse surveillance for you and gather the information you need to make the decisions that are right for you and your lawyer. We’ll document everything you need in case there is legal action in the future and provide you with evidence that will be helpful. We provide a very detailed private Investigation with evidence notebook, DVDs, pictures, and detailed report writing. Martinelli Investigations Inc., is known globally and is distinctly recommended for our detailed Private Investigation Notebook.

Stop staying up nights wondering if your spouse is cheating. Let a professional Atlanta Cheating Spouse Private Investigator at Martinelli do the intense legwork necessary to get you the answers you and your legal team need. MII is able to subpoena credit card info, banking, real estate, cell phone, criminal, bankruptcy and school records, court documents, police reports, government recordings, and utilities.  Call us today for a confidential consultation. 

About Us

Martinelli Investigations Inc. is a female owned, family operated business. We offer many years of diverse experience in all types of civil and criminal cases.  (more)

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